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NOS Corellian Spike House Rules


The Deck

The Deck: 62 cards, 1 pair of dice

30 Green Cards with + Positive Values 1-10

30 Red Cards with - Negative Values 1-10

2 Green Sylop cards that equal 0

3 suits: ⚫, ⬛, ▲



+Choose 1 player to be the Dealer.

They deal out 2 cards to each player (including themselves).



+ Score as close as possible to 0 with the total value of cards in your hand.

+ A total score of 0 is Sabacc, but there is a pecking order to achieve it.

*Check the reference guide for the

hierarchy list.


Buy In

+Every player buys in with 2 copper credits in the Main Pot & 1 in the Sabacc Pot.

Face down is the Draw Pile & 1 face up card is the Discard Pile.

Note: 2 in the pot, 1 in the sabacc is a NOS house rule. Many tourneys will have a 1 & 1 buy in.


Winning Hands

The goal of Corellian Spike is to be as close to 0 as possible!

+ Oftentimes multiple people may have 0 so the tie breakers are as follows:

= Follow the Winning Hands Guide to the right > 


For a more common tie:

Players With at Least 1 Positive Card
1) Player with a positive sum +
2) Player with the most cards
3) Player w/lowest positive sum
4) Player w/lowest single positive card
5) Card suit of the single lowest positive card

Card Suit Ranking: , ,

If All Players Only Have Negative Cards:
1) Closest negative sum to 0
2) Closest negative card to 0
3) Card suit of the negative card closest to 0

Card Suit Ranking: , ,

Winning Hands1.png
Winning Hands v2.png
the Winning
Hand Guide Here>
(Courtesy of the Florida Sabacc League)
For those of you visiting Batuu West or Batuu East, they use Galaxy Edge Rules which you can find here > 
(Courtesy of the Florida Sabacc League)

A HUGE thank you to our sister cantinas at the Florida Sabacc League for this image and work refining the rules.

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