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Overwhelmed by rules? It's actually much easier than it seems for Corellian Spike.



The game has 3 phases per round that are repeated 3 times in each game.

Phase 1: Play (Swap, Draw or Stand)

Phase 2: Bet (Stand and not bet or choose to bet. If someone else raises, you must match their bet or up the ante to raise it even higher to stay in the game. Your hand especially bantha poodoo? You can "junk" to bow out and not risk your credits.)

Phase 3: Roll (The dealer will roll 2 dice. If those dice symbols match it's a "spike" and you will turn your cards in and receive new cards totaling the same amount you currently had in your hand.)

Rinse repeat x3 and that is one complete game!

Please note that these rules are what we use at our Indy cantina for fast and fun play both for teaching and tourneys. 

House rules vary by cantina, as well as types of sabacc- so if you learned a different way to play, that is legit too. Please check out the Outer Rim Sabacc League for more info on variances.

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