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Not to add to your confusion traveler, but there are about as many versions of sabacc as there are planets in the galaxy. Not only do the game styles vary, but the rules can be different in every cantina, even in the same city. Oftentimes cantinas will have their own house rules for regular play and a simplified set of rules when running tournaments. 


In the known galaxy, there are over 80 variations. The core game of traditional sabacc is played with a 76 card deck. You may have heard of the famous scoundrel Han Solo winning his beloved Millennium Falcon playing this version. 

Centran sabacc, Coruscant Shift, Empress Teta Preferred and Jhabacc are just a few of the named variants you may encounter when traversing galactic ports.

One of the most popular styles the galaxy over, is Corellian Spike, known for its fast and fun gameplay that can turn you on your head if you don't have your wits about you. Spike involves a smaller 62 card deck and is the preferred sabacc of choice both here at Night Owl Station and in the greater Outer Rim Sabacc League. Head to the How to Play tab to learn how to play Corellian Spike.

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