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Sabacc is a popular card game often played for high stakes. When played professionally, the game is overseen by a live dealer, such as at our sister casinos on Coruscant, where 4 armed Kiughfids pass out the cards and take up money for the house, or mechanical, where an automated sabacc dealer droid oversees the proceedings. It is said that the Ryn invented sabacc cards as a means of fortune telling.


Here at Night Owl Station, we have a mix of both live dealers and droids that deal and serve as round counters, such as our trusty model SBK-023. 


To start off the game, you will add 2 copper in the main pot, then 1 copper in the sabacc pot. (Note: Many cantinas will do just 1 in each.)

You start the game with 4 Gold, 8 Silver and 20 Copper. If you play your cards right this will grow over time.

The game starts off with a play round where you get to swap, draw or stand with the cards that you currently have. The next round is the betting round. 

Players can stand (not bet) or choose to add some currency or a prized possession to the main pot. If a player before you adds for example a silver credit to the pot, all players will need to at a minimum add a silver to remain in the game. 

A player going after the person that just bet, may also choose to raise the bet by putting in a higher amount such as a gold credit. All players now need to up the ante to remain in the game. This raised amount goes in the sabacc pot. Should a player win the game with a 0 (sabacc) they will get both the main AND sabacc pot. If your hand is looking like a bantha's backside, you can "junk" and fold. You will be out of the game at that point, but you will save some credits to fight another day.

Remember, the third play of each round is a roll of the dice. If those 2 dice roll with the same symbol, the deck is "spiked" and players will turn in their cards and receive brand new cards from the dealer in the amount that they were currently holding. BEWARE! A spike may save your bad hand or erase your great one. 

Ex: You had 3 cards when the spike happened, you will get 3 NEW cards.

Those spontaneity caused by the spike makes betting strategy very creative and the fun of this random chance is what makes Corellian Spike the favorite variant of many cantinas galaxy wide. 

Generally, many poker and blackjack betting strategies could apply to sabacc. 


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