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A cantina that takes its drinks as seriously as it does its games and music, Night Owl Station is a cantina for Daiyu’s populace with a bit more discerning taste. Cleaner than most bars found around the city, the purple glow of the club sizzles with thumping beats of every genre known across the galaxy, while it serves up some of Daiyu’s strongest grog and cocktails to its denizens. NOS as the locals call it, is a proud member of the Outer Rim Sabacc League where it hosts many games of sabacc on any given night. Regulars like to shout “Sagrona” and answer back with a hearty, “Sagrona Teema!” when the good times start to roll as freely as the shots. 

Cantina History

Prior to 9BBY

Founded prior to 9BBY, Night Owl Station is one of Daiyu City’s oldest cantinas.When NOS was launched it didn’t take long for its inebriated patrons to stumble out into the night marketplace in search of food and so a deal was struck with the local Textrcryonoodle Sa stands to service NOS’s customers with some alcohol soaking grub. 

Original Owner:
Zena Dene


Its original owner, a Zabrak with a mean streak, didn’t last long when his customer service skills were called into question. Investors knew the location with top views of the city on the upper floors was too prime to waste, and sprung into action to replace Stono with a more seasoned hospitality professional. A mid-aged woman & long time hotelier named Zena Dene, soon took over and righted the ship. She was known to take Purple Lightning shots alongside any patron that would pay for one, and was as beloved for her wild streak as for her caring demeanor with her regulars. She held the cantina steady through highs, lows & the unfortunate infiltration of the Empire, until she became too frail in her old age to continue. She has since retired, handing over the ropes to Pravum who has carried on admirably, running the place with a bit more modern business savvy than ol’ Zena. Zena still makes herself at home at NOS, which has helped long standing patrons stay onboard, despite the decidedly more surly and intimidating Scrapper’s demeanor. On busy nights she’s known to still go behind the counter and help fill a few drinks.


Pravum has expanded the cantina’s drink offerings three fold, and has attracted a more diverse clientele with the top bands he brings in, alongside the DJ bots he has helped develop. His bots spin everything from cutting edge tunes to galactic classics that can be heard bumping on out into Daiyu City’s rain soaked streets. The bottom bowels of the club feature comfortable, padded chairs and stools, ready to pull up to one of the many game tables. A fully stocked bar with colorful concoctions hangs down amongst tubes and industrial pipes. The club is awash in neon lighting that creates a dark and dreamy atmosphere. Upstairs a multi-paneled window wall of capsuled glass looks out onto the darkened city core, a great place for the high rollers and those seeking discreet conversations to spend their time, imbibing classy cocktails as ships speed by and make land. 


Current Proprietor: 
Pravum aka Scrapper

Feathers: Purple/blue/red

Race: Avian 

Species: Fosh

Height: 2.1 Meters (Exceedingly Tall)

Eyes: Yellow/blue

Languages: Fosh, Galactic Standard Conversational in: Huttese

As the Fosh’s feathers change with their mood, our host is often seen with purple feathers, sometimes tinging more towards blue or red depending on his level of charity. His race tends toward the political and are culturally devious with Scrapper being no exception. His mood can be quite mischievous depending on his motives and his personality shifts with the pattern of the moon. 


Pravum, as he’s formally known, rarely belies his true desires and is pleased to speak in riddles and analogies designed to confuse and confound. He is largely self-serving & only generous when motivated if gains are to be made. Ever vigilant by nature, Daiyu City has only sharpened his ability to spot danger when dealing with outside races and strangers in his cantina. He is often seen wearing a noble, fitted jacket or wrap and a distinct chain of intricate beads with an unusually alternative flair.


Official Mascot of NOS


A Convor, Trandoshan Bird

Pravum himself being of Avian origin, had longed to have a convor for companionship and to keep a keen eye over the club. On what had otherwise been a very poor night that had left him in a grumpy mood, a rather rough looking traveler came in for a hand of Corellian Spike and some Purple Hooch. Not usually one to play with his patrons, something in a small cage he brought in caught Scrapper’s eye. It was indeed a convor and he could not wait to see if he could win it away from the stranger. The stranger at first said, “Absolutely not!”


But after buttering him up with plenty of free shots, and some closely, if costly, lost hands to the stranger, Pravum saw an opening. The stranger could hardly hide his delight after he pulled a deck together of -10, +10 & a sylop (0.) The stranger confidently wagered his convor and then called the hand after Pravum had agreed to pony up several Empire branded beskar pieces. The stranger then laid down a Prime Sabacc hand and began to pull the beskar towards his pile when Scrapper said, “Hold on, hold on- what does he prefer to eat?”, with a devilish flash in his eye. Pravum then proceeded to lay down an Idiot’s Array, the only hand in Corellian Spike that could beat the stranger’s Prime.


Scrapper & the convor have been thick as thieves ever since, as he trusts the bird’s keen sense of judgment and feels a deep connection to the wise bird. Rhylet the convor hails from Wasskah, a forest moon of Trandosha and Pravum from CorpSec at the edge of the Outer Rim territories, near the Tingel Arm region. You will occasionally catch some of their bright plumage strewn about in parts of the club on particularly rowdy nights.

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