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Indy Sabacc

Indy Sabacc

Proud Member of the Outer Rim Sabacc League

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Night Owl Station is the home cantina for indy sabacc

Night Owl Station aka NOS, is the HQ to play out all your space poker fantasies right here in the Circle City. As Indiana's only sabacc league, we welcome players from all around the Midwest and beyond-to join us for our open events and upcoming tourneys. NOS was founded in 2022, by the most nerdy of Star Wars fans who wished to continue playing sabacc in their hometown. NOS seeks to spread the joy of playing sabacc near and far throughout the galaxy and we welcome beginners and pros alike. The game is easy to pick up and our club loves to teach. The top priority of the league is fun and camaraderie amongst fellow fans. After you get your feet wet though, we are game to win all your credits that we are able. We are lively crew with a competitive streak.

Many sabacc players have a cosplay background and for more major events you may see some people in costume. Plenty feel at home in casual clothes as well. While it's always fun to be more immersive, props or costumes are not required- so come as you are. To get started playing in the league, you do not need to have your own credits, we have plenty of chips we can lend you. There is no actual gambling with real life money, only in-universe credits are utilized.  All credits used are then returned to the original owners at the end of the meetup.

Just visiting Daiyu but live or are soon traveling to the outer reaches? You can hopefully find a local game via the ORSL Cantina Finder!

Bring a sharp wit, grab a Purple Stardestroyer to drink and see if you can draw a lucky sylop! See you soon galactic travlers. Sagrona!

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